Welcome! I am a Phd student in the Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, based at the Institute of Marine Sciences in the Coastal Fisheries Oceanography & Ecology Lab. My research broadly investigates the structure and function of estuarine ecosystems and communities, largely, focusing on two model ecosystems, oyster reefs and salt marshes. I hope to explore the dynamics of landscape effects on marine community assemblages and to develop general predictions about what drives secondary production in ecosystems (e.g. prey availability, refuge space, density dependence, or connectivity). In both of these systems I am interested in quantifying the effects of human impacts (e.g. increased development and overharvest) on ecosystem service delivery and how restoration can mitigate the losses of supporting (i.e. nursery habitats and biodiversity) and provisioning (i.e. recreational and commercial fisheries) services that these ecosystems offer.